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Effect of TV

move viewers with 3D glasses

We all know the boob tube turns us into boobs.  But now there are studies showing why.  Visual imagery on TV activates parts of the brain that reading cannot.  The physical effects of watching trauma on TV - the rise in blood pressure and heart rate - are the same as experiencing it directly.  TV created memories have the same effect on emotions as real.  We are hardwired from our ancestors to react to motion for danger, prey or sex – advertisers know and take advantage of this.  It is not subliminal in the classic sense, but in the sense that we aren’t aware of how they are targeting us.  News programs know this and lead with crime because that increases ratings, giving people the impression there is more crime than there is.


It would be un-American for businesses and politicians not to take advantage of this effect.  It’s OK that we react this way to TV ads.  That’s the way we are wired, we are mammals.  But we should be aware that we are being manipulated, so we can discount it.


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