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Unite America
– Dedicated to promoting country over party. Agenda is electing independent candidates with moderate positions to force compromise and common sense solutions.

– Promotes eliminating the rigging of our election systems with ranked choice voting and multi-member districts.

No Labels
– Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who believe we do not have to give up our labels, but merely put them aside and do what’s best for America.

Govern for California
– A network of more than 250 political philanthropists in support of courageous state legislators who put citizen interests ahead of personal, party and special interests.

Bipartisan Policy Center
– A non-profit organization that combines the best ideas from both parties to promote health, security, and opportunity for all Americans.

Open Primaries
– Supports open primaries so independents can vote in primary elections.

Every Voice
– Advocates for campaign finance reform in the United States via public financing of political campaigns and limitations on political donations.

Democracy Matters
– Supports training young people as grassroots organizers and advocates and public financing of election campaigns.