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Posted on May 26, 2018 in Election Reform | 0 comments

You’re the boss –Fix the U.S. Government!

You’re the boss –Fix the U.S. Government!

Truman was wrong – his “The buck stop here” sign doesn’t belong on the President’s desk, it belongs with the people. You say the system is rigged, and your subordinates (the President & Congress) aren’t following your orders? Well, do a re-org. If you think your vote doesn’t count, that isn’t where real power lies. Until campaign finance is reformed with a new Supreme Court or Constitutional amendment, money rules. People should pool their money to change government. This is not hard. There are many groups fighting the fight, slogging it out state by state. Help them. Donate money. Volunteer.

The system is rigged because primaries select radical candidates, leaving no moderate choice. Third party candidates have no chance because people don’t want to waste their vote, and thus choose the lesser of two evils. Ranked choice voting is part of the answer. If no one gets more than 50%, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated, and the second choice votes of that candidate are reallocated. The process repeats until someone has more than 50%. This eliminates the need for a primary, meaning more moderate voters will be voting. It allows people to vote for independent candidates without wasting their votes. Is anyone leading the charge on this? Yes! See

Incumbents in office draw districts to get themselves re-elected – they select their voters. It is called Gerrymandering. This technique allows a state with a majority of voters of one party to be controlled by the other party. The larger number of majority voters are crammed into a few districts, while the smaller number of minority voters are spread across more districts, with majorities in those districts. Is anyone leading the charge against Gerrymandering? Yes! See,

If they won’t reform campaign finance rules, let’s use the rules against them. A large number of small individual donations can be funneled to a few key states, to fund moderate, solution oriented independent candidates that will deny both Democrats and Republicans a majority, and force common sense solutions. We might as well use the two parties failure to reform campaign finance against them. We citizens can spend money in only a few states, while raising money everywhere. Is anyone doing this? Yes! See

Are there other groups trying to fix our system? Shouldn’t all these groups be working together? Yes! See

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