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Posted on Mar 8, 2020 in Featured | 0 comments

Divided and Conquered

Divided and Conquered

Attached is a free PDF of my pamphlet, “Divided and Conquered.” If you prefer other formats, it is available on in Kindle and paperback, and will soon be available as an audiobook on,, and iTunes.

Divided and Conquered shows how our election system, mostly as an unintended consequence, divides us and Congress, leading to gridlock (the people agree on more things than their representatives in Congress). Politicians are incentivized to stir up divisions to get re-elected, not to solve problems. There are several key reforms that can fix this, and I point out the groups working on those and having success. The good news is that most things can be fixed at the state level, since states decide the federal election rules. We just need to spread the word. The topics addressed are plurality elections (E.g., winning with 30% of the primary vote), Gerrymandering, primary elections, Congressional voting procedures, media manipulation, campaign finance, lobbying and the deficit. If you don’t have time to read the whole 55 page pamphlet, read the 7 page Executive Summary.

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